High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High Intensity Interval Training is a simple concept. Using short intervals of MAXIMUM EFFORT, followed by intervals with low intensity or all out rest, then repeating the process is the key. These exercise sessions can be accomplished in as little as 4 minutes. HIIT is a good alternative for a person with a busy schedule, because it doesn’t take as much time as traditional exercise routines do. Notice I did not say it would be easier, it just doesn’t take as much time.

Let’s take Two different athletes, and the way they train to get an idea of what HIIT can do.





The Marathon Runner: Training at a long and steady aerobic pace will burn calories, but at some point the body starts to consume itself, and muscle loss occurs as well. The majority of the caloric burn takes place during the exercise phase.

The Sprinter: A Sprinter’s sole method of training is HIIT because, well that is what sprinting is all about. As the Photo shows, the sprinter does not seem to be eating his muscle away, if anything he is piling muscle on top of muscle. The benefit of this is that his body will burn fat long after the exercise phase has ended, his metabolism is increased due to his HIIT


So all of this sounds good. Is it too good to be true? Can it really be that I can exercise for 4-20 minutes a session for just 3 times a week and see dramatic results? That is absolutely true. So what is the catch, is there a catch? The only little snag is that it is HARD WORK! If you have cardiovascular problems, or other health problems that limist your ability to exercise at very intense levels, or you are not already i pretty good shape, the HIIT may not be for you. That is at least for now. Speak with your doctor, start getting ready for HIIT and once the program starts the benefits are truly amazing.

Benefits of HIIT:

1. Efficient – The low amount of time required is appealing for HIIT, and the work produces superior results.

2. Burn More Fat – A traditional diet and exercise program shows weight loss quicker as the fat and muscle starts to melt away. With HIIT the scales may move slower but the fat percentage shifts very quickly, and all that muscle you are keeping is hungry to burn more fat.

3. Healthier Heart – After 6 weeks on a HIIT test subjects could bike twice as far as they could before starting the program at the same intensity. Resting heart rates had dramatically fallen as well.

4. No equipment necessary – Simply doing calisthenics at a very intense level can do the trick, no need for gym memberships, this can be done on lunch break, or in the back yard.

5. Increase Metabolism – HGH levels rise as much as 450 percent, this hormone is key in aiding the consumption of fat for fuel in the body. You will be burning fat while at rest.

6. Challenging – The variety is unending with HIIT. There are bootcamp programs and CrossFit programs all over the country. Both are HIIT based workout regimes.

Start hitting the HIIT and you won’t regret it. Well you WILL regret it the first few times, but then….you won’t regret it.