Our bodies can heal disease

our bodies can heal disease if given enough time

Our bodies can heal disease. From the smallest to the greatest our bodies are designed to heal themselves. Contrast to this is the way that modern medicine practices their craft. In today’s hospitals and doctor’s offices they are more focused on eliminating the symptom than they are interested in finding what cause the disease in the first place. The old saying holds true treat the patient not the disease. Why is this? This is most likely because honestly there is no money in well people. If you aren’t diseased or sick you aren’t worth very much money to the medical profession.  So why then aren’t more doctors focused on helping us stay healthy? Greed.

This brings me to my next point, the marketing of health products. I heard an advertisement on the radio telling all about this magic pill that targets belly fat and will help you lose that belly fat. I am sorry but that can’t happen you can’t target an area to lose fat. You lose fat everywhere and eventually you will get to the belly. Also beware of any food that says oh yes this food is good for your brain, or this food is good for your eyes, or this one will help your libido. You can’t have a food target any one area while doing harm to the rest of the body. If a food is to be beneficial to any single part it must be beneficial for the body itself. Hence the saying “ The ankle bone is connected to the leg bone

Although at this time some credence must be given to the power of the Placebo Effect. In one study a terminally ill man with cancer that was days away from dying with orange size lymph nodes in his neck chest and arm pits was given a round of experimental new cancer drugs. Within three days he was out of bed and the tumors had all shrunken to about half the size, within weeks they were all the way down, and the man went into remission. The experimental injection was salt water. Of course he didn’t know that.

I am not advocating giving up on supplements or eating healthy foods. The point is simply that our bodies are connected. You can’t take care of one part of your body and neglect another. This is what today’s doctors try to do with medicine. Often times by doing this treating the symptoms technique more harm than good comes to the patient.

For instance, A grandmother from Seattle was admitted because she had sever asthma and was having an attack. The attending physician subscribed steroids as the treatment for the attack, which worked but also elevated her blood pressure to the point that it gave her vertigo. In order to treat the new condition she was put on blood pressure medication, unfortunately these made her dizzy. Now unable to walk for fear of falling from the dizziness she was bed ridden and her ankles began to swell. So the doctor prescribes her a water pill, which subsequently caused her potassium levels to plummet. So clearly she needed to go on potassium supplements. Fortunately the doctors were able to detect that she had Osteoporosis and administered a treatment for the condition, but unfortunately the medication eventually caused gastric bleeding. After leaving the hospital the lady was quoted saying “I came out sicker that I went in”

In all fairness, doctors can prescribe a medication to help with a condition that may need the treatment. However sometimes an overzealous doctor will tend to over medicate. Be wary and caution when taking medication and if you are taking more than one type get a consultation and ask your doctor if you can stop any of the medications.

The body has a natural ability to heal itself. Often times all it needs is the chance to do so.