Resources for Health Insurance with Maternity Coverage

Finding health insurance with maternity coverage can be a challenge. If you do not have this coverage before your are pregnant your policy will likely not cover pre-natal checks and the cost of giving birth. If your policy does cover pregnancy, it usually comes in the form of a rider on your policy that you select when you begin coverage. In other words, health insurance with maternity coverage is not an insurance that stands on its own; it is usually associated with another health insurance which helps to cover the medical expenses associated with pregnancy and delivery.

Fortunately, some options are available for coverage during and after your pregnancy if your current policy does not cover you or if your income is low.

Medicaid which is a state run health insurance policy for low income pregnant women but it is funded federally. More information about Medicaid can be found from the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services or you should visit your state health department to get more information about local programs.

Ameriplan is a health care discount program covering the cost of the physician, the hospital expenses and ancillary services like the cost of x – rays, tests and laboratory work. Ameriplan is not health insurance but it provides up to a 60% discount on services related to your pregnancy and for up to two the first two years of your baby’s life.

There is also some maternity insurance coverage for students that are pregnant and they are as follows.
The Student Secure Plan
The Liaison Student Plan
The US Student Abroad Plan
The Global Student Plan
It is worthy to note that these insurance benefits for pregnant low income women covers the pre-natal medical expenses, the post natal medical expenses, the normal delivery, the medically recommended caesarian section, deliveries resulting to complications, part or all of the medical cost during the period of pregnancy, the hospitalization and doctor’s bill during the delivery of the baby.

Other Options If You Cannot Get Health Insurance With Maternity Coverage

  • You can also register with the American Pregnancy Association where they offer discounts on various health services and products.
  • You can give birth at a birthing center if your pregnancy is not expected to involve any complications.
  • You can contact the accounts officer of the hospital where you are giving birth to your baby to know their payment plan and to find out if they offer a sliding scale of payments based on income
  • You can join the WIC which provides food, gives information on how to eat healthy during your pregnancy and also provides referrals to medical care. They offer provisions and care for you and your baby until your baby turns five.