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Loving Yourself Makes Loving Others Easier

Happy-Living-TipsMany people go through life as a passenger in their own lives. What I mean by this is that they are just along for the ride. They go where life takes them. If the vehicle is going down an unfortunate bumpy road they just grit their teeth and bear it. It is as though they have no choice as to the path the vehicle of life is taking them on. They are a victim of their own circumstances.

By living life as a victim of circumstance many people just accept the situations they are in as immutable. The problem with being a passenger in your own life is that you don’t have to be. Get in the driver’s seat, what I mean by this is that you may not be able to drive your life down smooth roads every day, but by realizing that you are in control even when on a bumpy road you can get through the situation in an empowering way.

Many people aren’t even aware that they are in the vehicle, passenger or driver. While one of the characterizations that make us humans is the ability to be self aware, most people go through life blissfully unaware that they have the ability to treat themselves well.

It may sound exceedingly selfish to value yourself above all others. In a way that type of behavior can be very destructive. Yet many people have little to no value in themselves. One of the easiest ways to pour love into others is to have a cup that is running over with love.

The easiest way to have a cup that is running over with love is to pour love into yourself. I for one spent decades repeating this phrase over and over, “I hate myself” Due to this fact, I often found my preverbal cup empty when it came time to pour love into others.

When you realize that no matter what room you are in, there is at least one person there that thinks you are pretty awesome, one person at least that loves you, it makes facing difficult obstacles that much easier. That one person that loves you or course is yourself.

By loving yourself, and the things you do, you will find it easier to smile, easier to give to others, it’s easier to be a good parent, or a friend that understands.

Imagine a world in which everyone loved themselves. Not a world filled with Kardashians. I’m sure Kim loves herself more than anyone on the planet, but I don’t really want to hang out with someone like her. Rather a nurturing love that begets a nurturing spirit.

There are a few things we can do to help nurture our health along. And by health I mean mental, spiritual, and physical health. These few things can help build a satisfying and holistically healthy life:

  1. Practice Forgiveness – Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. The moment we decide to either forgive someone that has wronged us, or to hold onto the anger eternally, the person that wronged us feels no different. Their day progresses on just as they planned. Their world didn’t change. If you choose to forgive and let go of the anger, your world has changed. Give that gift to yourself, you deserve it. It’s not for them, it’s for you.
  2. Exercise regularly – Do something that challenges your, muscles, heart and lungs, trust me you will feel better about yourself. And if you are having trouble keeping up with the kids or grand kids at the park, the enjoyment of chasing them around and feeling great afterward is a tremendous reward. The smile you will have when you get home won’t go away easily. Do it for yourself.
  3. Get plenty of sleep – When we are down and out on ourselves we tend to over or under sleep. Get a good 6-8 hours of sleep regularly. Allow your body to heal itself. You will feel better over time.
  4. Make sure to get plenty of Sunshine and Fresh Air – The Vitamin D will do your body good, and sometimes just closing your eyes and breathing in some fresh air is enough to make you smile from the inside out.
  5. Look for the solutions not the problems – Sounds easy enough. It is. A man ALWAYS finds what he seeks. Ask better questions. After a fender bender think, “I can finally get that paint job I’ve been putting off”, rather than, “My insurance might go up now, oh no!” Focus on what you can control, handle with grace what you can’t.
  6. Manage your stress – If you are a bundle of stress, and you enjoy going to the spa, but you don’t have it in the budget to make the trip. You may be thinking, “I want to go to the spa but I can’t afford it!” I submit to you this argument; Can you afford NOT to go? Take the time to do the things for yourself that ease your stress, put some comfort in your own life so that you are free to add some to countless others in your life.
  7. Give and receive copious amounts of love and laughter – Start with yourself, move on to others, the more you practice, the more natural it becomes.
  8. Realize that the things you say and do to yourself have a deep impact on the person you will become. Realize that the things you say and do to other people have a deep impact on them as well. Treat yourself with respect and love on a regular basis; this will become the practice that you can put into action to change others lives for the better.