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Connecitcut hit hardest by Obamacare in 2013

Connecticut’s nonprofit community-based providers who serve some of the most vulnerable people in our state are bracing for what will be a tough 2013. Here in Connecticut, where our state budget forecast is once again grim, we have plenty of questions.

How will my job be impacted? How will healthcare reform be implemented and what will it mean for me? Will our safety net be strong enough to protect those who need help the most? While the majority of Connecticut residents feel this insecurity, the future is especially unclear if you, or a loved one, relies on human services programs in the state. We could be in for another “nightmare” this time an economic and humanitarian one as providers struggle to maintain services and survive.

Nonprofit community-based providers of safety net services find themselves teetering on the precipice of disaster. The fact is, as a result of over a decade of flat funding and increases in the cost of delivering these services, providers find themselves at a crucial juncture. (Either the state will help us improve the safety net infrastructure or that net will collapse. Because providers (we) receive most of our funding from the state, we’ve experienced the effect of budget cuts. Funding for our services has neither Read more…